Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

To empower people in Merseyside to work for global and social justice in their local and global community


  • We value those who we work with and seek to support them to realise their full potential
  • Our working practice will be non-judgemental, but rather helping people to think about their lives
  • We will work to empower and support people so that their voices are heard
  • We value our core vision and will challenge practices and policies to implement this
  • We will run an organization that is as globally and environmentally sustainable as possible

Overall Aims

  • To educate about and challenge global and social injustice, by primarily working with young people, using approaches in understanding global issues that reflect innovative thinking and methods from around the world
  • To ensure that the voices of those we work with are fundamental to our ways of working and to bring about changes in organisational cultures to ensure that they are heard, understood and acted upon
  • To provide a focal point and be a catalyst for joint initiatives with global justice groups and others