What can Primary Schools do to help?

December 14, 2015 in Environment, Fairtrade

we are a fairtrade school

When schools in the UK focus on Fairtrade, they show solidarity with children in poorer countries. When schools use Fairtrade products, farmers’ children get a chance to go to school while their families have a brighter future.

There are now nearly over 1,500 Fairtrade Schools in the UK, and that number continues to grow thanks to the support of dedicated teachers and students across the UK. The Fairtrade Foundation is asking schools to be part of this movement of change, to learn about Fairtrade, to support it and promote it in your school.

The Fairtrade Schools Award

The three Fairtrade Schools Awards provide schools with lots of opportunities to develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of global issues, as well as exploring and critically evaluating Fairtrade.

The Fairtrade Schools Awards aren’t just about teaching about a single issue – they aim to allow learners to examine what fairness means, as well as how they can be involved in changing the world around them, promoting active Citizenship as they understand the impact they have as citizens and young consumers. Through supporting and promoting Fairtrade, everyone in school can help farmers and workers in marginalised countries who struggle to survive and provide for their families.Fairtrade school award picture

There are three stages to the award,

  • FairAware,
  • FairActive,
  • FairAchiever

Each of these three stages will help your school learn about Fairtrade and get actively involved in the promotion and awareness of Fairtrade, therefore making a difference in the lives of marginalised farmers and workers.