Fairtrade Fortnight

February 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

It is currently FairTrade Fortnight (Monday 23rd February to Sunday 8th March). But what does this mean, I hear you say and how can I get involved?

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual campaign organised by the Fairtrade Foundation in order to raise awareness of the benefits of supporting fairtrade farmers and buying their products, as well as educating schools, communities and businesses about the unequal relationship between producer, buyer and supplier and how each one of us can make a difference through selection of the products we buy.

There are numerous events held by local Fairtrade organisations from fetes to food and drink events to fashion shows.  For more information visit http://fortnight.fairtrade.org.uk/.

Liverpool was one of the first cities to achieve the status of Fairtrade cities and Liverpool World Centre played a major role in achieving this goal. If you would like to read more about this story, please click here.