Procurement Event

September 24, 2014 in Environment

Sustainable Schools: Where teaching meets school business management

On 22nd January a small conference on Procurement took place (as part of the SWAP Project) for teachers and school business managers. There were three presentations in the morning and two workshops later.

Participants got some information about how to write a procurement policy (Vicki O’Kelly, Green Blue Skies Limited, registered trainer for the DEFRA National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme), what it looks like in the practice (Catherine Martin, School Business Manager, Childwall C E Primary School) and how to become an Eco Schools (Morgan Philips, Sustainable Education Manager for Eco Schools).

We were made aware of the fact that green purchasing might require a small investment at the beginning, but is definitely profitable in the long run. As well as making a financially good decision, the impact on the environment, local and global community is significant. However, it is important to be able to make compromises and have smart targets adjusted to the given school, because it is impossible to focus on everything at the same time. It was emphasized that procurement policy is not something separate, but should link to other policies and to the ethos of the school.

Furthermore, participants found out how easy it is to become an Eco School and that schools do not have to make big changes, just start with little steps. But even those who are already Eco Schools were informed about further opportunities, such as the applying for the Bronze Award, the Silver Award or the Green Flag which is the highest award schools can get.