Counter Narratives

Counter Narratives aimed to open dialogue through working with 
community leaders and educators; to increase community 
resilience and ability to safely explore difficult issues 
relating to extreme views through dialogue and enquiry. 
The project challenged negative stereotyping of particular 
communities, and provide the tools with which to challenge 
negative views that cause rifts in our communities. 
The project was evaluated by IPSOS MORI and their 
findings can be viewed here

You can find out more about the project below, but first
we are delighted to present a selection of 'Counter 
Narrative' blogs and articles that were created by 
University of Liverpool Media students who took part in 
the project. Topics include diversity, racism, LGBTQ love, 
white supremacism and more!... You could use these as 
resources in classroom discussions, at debates or in 
a whole host of other ways. Check out our 
Toolkit & Resource List 
or contact Karen for guidance or further inspiration! 

#Not In My Name by Xiaofan Li 
A Mother in Gloom by Juan Pablo Hierro 
Close the Mersey Tunnel by Chelsea Hilbert 
Don't Blame Multiculturalism by Yunqi Huo 
In Reality - EU migration by Shuying Hu 
Islam - Ceaselessly Charitable by Hannah Smith 
Islam & Terrorism by Eli Haidari 
Isn't Love Just Love by Yuxuan Yang 
Love Thy Polish Neighbour by Aleksandra Jarosz 
Media Myth Busting - Islam in the Tabloids by Hannah Mawhinney 
Real Talk - Austerity by Rachel Ifon 
Shanghai to Liverpool a beautiful love affair by Mariella Speiser 
The Manchester Arena Attack - One Year On by Ria Evans 
The Ongoing Struggle of Everyday Racism by Helene Holo 
White Supremacism - An Archaic Issue in Modern Society by Caroline Milton
More about the project...

The project took place in three stages:
Stage One: Free training for community workers, teachers, 
educators and trainee teachers, leading to community workshop 
delivery with support from our mentors. (Spring/Autumn 2017)
Stage Two: Development of a toolkit for use with communities 
and young people. (Autumn 2017/Spring 2018)
Stage Three: A series of innovation labs brought together 
activists, community workers, academics, creatives and social 
media specialists to discuss and explore ways of presenting 
alternative narratives, supported by 'community philosophy' 
techniques. (Winter 2017/Spring 2018)

If you would like to find out more about the project, get 
involved in our ongoing work in this area please 
get in touch: 

Counter Narratives Communities WorkshopCounter Narratives for Teachers Workshop