Teachers Agents of Change (EU Project)

Teachers Agents of Change
(Initial Teacher Education Project)

From November 2013 , until December 2015, Liverpool World Centre is taking part in an exciting EU wide teaching project. This project delivers courses in development education within selected universities in the Czech Republic and Poland and promotes them in a wider number of universities. In this way trainee teachers that will participate in pilot courses at their universities will be able to share their knowledge and skills in DE during their lessons with pupils in schools.teachers

These experienced teachers, equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills necessary to teach successfully DE in schools, will educate next generations of citizens, voters and actors in development on all levels (as parents, scientists, teachers, activists, politicians, etc.) These pupils will be offered a chance to become aware of their impact on people from Southern countries and commit and support global poverty reduction by changing their behaviour in addressing the MDG agenda. Liverpool World Centre’s role is to share learning and best practice from our work here in England.

A Report by Andrea Bullivant: Examples of Good Practice in development Education from UK

Agents of Change UK DEF

A Good Practice Guide from The Austrian partners prepared by Roland Humer (World University Service Austria): Examples of good practice in development education from Austria