TEESNet (1)

10th Annual Conference

14th September 2017

Making the Sustainable Development Goals Real

The Role of Teacher Education in Promoting Quality Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education in Schools

We are delighted to say that TEESNet 2016 was a resounding success and would like to invite colleagues and friends old and new to submit papers for this year’s conference by 31st May. The callout document can be viewed here. The conference will explore what quality means within the context  of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  It will explore the role of ESD/GCE and opportunities for a unified  approach in local, national and global contexts.

Presentations and further information from previous conferences are available on the TEESNet website

Key Speaker:  

Irmeli Halinen (ex-Head of Curriculum Development at the  National Agency of Education, Finland 2012 –2016) was the  coordinator of the latest curriculum reform in Finland;  emphasising the joy of learning based on positive  emotional experiences, collaborative working and  creative activity, as well as the central role of learning sustainable ways of living as one of the main goals of education.
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