Training in Budapest

May 4, 2016 in Education

Digital Story Telling Training in Budapest 

At the beginning of April I was given the amazing opportunity to go to Budapest for A Digital Story Telling Training with Liverpool World Centre. It was the most amazing experience, I met new people from all over the world, ate new food, explored the beautiful city that is Budapest and of course completed some training!

The training itself was an incredible experience not only because of the deep, cultural and personal stories that the other participants told but also what I learnt about myself. The training helped me progress my own personal story and for the first time, I felt closure with it all.


Being the technical nerd that I am, I loved working with iMovie, recording voices and editing it all together, I was in my element. The incredible thing was that the other participants were doing it all in english, which was their second language, and my colleagues and myself were struggling to construct sentences together in our first language!

IMG_4873 copy

The whole experience was incredible, I took a lot away from my week in Budapest, I learnt a lot about myself, other cultures and came away with another string to my bow and the confidence that I had lost.


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