A Deep Dive into the Environment Act 2021

Did you COP that? A Series of Conversations on Responding to the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26

About this event
The fourth conversation in this series will focus on:
A Deep Dive into the Environment Act 2021
17 February 2022, 5 – 6.00pm

Join us to explore the UK’s new framework for environmental protection, supported by perspectives from:

Debbie Tripley, Director of Advocacy at WWF (UK)
Vix Lowthion, Education spokesperson for the Green Party
Sara Collins, co-lead of the Nature Premium Campaign
Jenny Teague, Nature Friendly Schools Project Manager
Voyage Youth

Discussions will explore:

– key themes of the Act and their implications
– what it means for young people, contexts for learning and the role of educators
– opportunities and challenges, and links to wider policy agendas
For more information about the Act please follow this link below https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/2593

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