In the background a child pours water over his head from an Oxfam hand pump. In the foreground the words Teach Climate Justice Liverpool World Centre 2022-23

LWC rolls out national programme for Oxfam

Teach Climate Justice

We are in our second year as the key delivery partner for the new Teach Climate Justice course developed by Oxfam. The work has seen us engage four of our partners from the Consortium of Development Education Centres to help us test the resources nationally, leading to those resources being further developed by LWC’s formal education lead Jacquie Ayre.

The work on behalf of Oxfam has targeted young trainee teachers with the aim of empowering them to incorporate work on climate justice into their practice. Its overwhelming success has made us realise that this work could be really beneficial for professionals from a broad range of backgrounds. With this in mind, Jacquie and the team are moving forward with developing the resources for other audiences, including qualified teachers, community organisations, educators and youth workers to name a few.

Would you like to be part of the first raft of graduates? You can sign up here now.

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