Mock UN Climate Conference

Mock UN Climate Conference

Year 5 pupils from eight local primary schools participated in a Mock UN Climate Conference organised by the Liverpool World Centre and the North Liverpool Link Schools Partnership. Anfield Ward Councillors Billy Marrat and Lena Simic opened the session with some inspiring words on the importance of democratic processes and the small changes we can make in our lives to combat the impact of the climate emergency.

The young people stepped up brilliantly to the challenge of researching and presenting on behalf of one of the 10 countries represented at the Climate Conference. They particularly liked being able to step into an adult role and debate in an orderly manner through a chairperson giving them a real taste of democratic processes. The preparation before the day and the event itself enabled all participants to develop their skills of collaboration, problem solving and negotiation in coming up with alternative, practical solutions for a future where we both mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The event was widely appreciated by all present. Jeremy Barnes, Headteacher All Saints Catholic Primary School, said of the event,

“Too often, children get patronised and are not challenged, but here they were treated like professional delegates, and they responded so well as a result. The organisation was great – thank you so much!”

Others shared their praise over social media. Councillor Laura Robertson-Collins tweeted,

“Lots of potential politicians there today!”

The day ended with a Q&A session with panelists Councillor Laura Robertson-Collins (Greenbank Ward), Hannah Branwood (UK Youth for Nature), Anne-Marie Bartlett (Lecturer, LJMU) and Marc Crehan (Biology Teacher) who are involved in environmental action.

The participating schools were All Saints Primary School, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School, Childwall Primary School, Dovecot Primary School, Four Oaks Primary School, Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School, Rice Lane Primary School and Whitefield Primary School, and together they represented 11 countries/regions among them.