Digital Education and Participatory Adult Learning (DEPAL)

Digital Education and Participatory Adult Learning (DEPAL)

The DEPAL project supports educators to better motivate their adult learners and improve their use of digital technologies. 

The aim of the project is to impact on the wider adult education sector, promoting thinking about how to make adult education engaging and meaningful and increasing the practice of good digital learning. The project will better prepare marginalised adult learners to take fuller role as 21st century global citizens.


It will directly reach 400 educators across the UK, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain, and create a high-profile educational platform to reach many more. These educators will facilitate ‘Digital Photo Stories’ projects with over adult 2000 learners. This will create a bridging of participatory education with new digital learning. The results of this project will be shared with formal adult education institutions and 2000 educators, and more broadly contribute to understanding of educator competencies.

DEPAL is co-funded by the Erasmas+ programme of the European Union. Our partner organisations are: Vardakeios School of Hermoupolis (Syros, Greece), LABC S.R.L. (Turin, Italy), Neo Sapiens S.L.U. (Arnedo, Spain), Liverpool Community Spirit (Liverpool, UK), Partners Training for Transformation (Dublin, Ireland) Diciannove Società Cooperativa (Genoa, Italy).

  • Participatory and Digital Learning: A Guide for Adult Educators

    This free download will introduce the context, theory and rationale behind using participatory and digital learning with adults, and will be of interest to educators looking to explore and develop their knowledge. Find out more on our project website

Thank you for the course it has really made me stop and think about participation and why it shouldn't be different just because we are delivering online

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