Discovered Stories Shared Communities (DSSC)

Discovered Stories Shared Communities (DSSC)

LWC was the external evaluator for this National Lottery funded project, led by Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC). DSSC aimed to create more resilient and welcoming communities across Cumbria, and involved multiple participants and stakeholders. Responding to this context and CDEC’s request for the evaluation to reflect co-creative and participatory principles, we designed a process that emphasised developmental evaluation, including the ‘learning framework’ used with partners below.

LWC provided us with a supportive evaluation partnership- helping us to shape the story we wanted our project to tell- for the funder, participants and other communities who could use our resources to embark on similar ways of working.

Feedback from CDEC

In non-quote speak-we really valued working with you- your patience and ability to navigate what we thought we wanted to know and show into what would be really useful!


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