Generations for Change

Generations for Change

Liverpool World Centre is proud to to be part of Liverpool City Region’s Generations for Change programme. The programme offered paid placements in six arts and culture organisations for young global majority creatives, aged 18 to 30.

LWC provided placements for Tegan Tukana and Hilan Gully for placements. Both carried out independent research, gathering the voices and perspectives of young people within the areas they were working in.

Part of their brief was to gain insight into young people’s lived experiences of discrimination and racism in the workplace, in accessing skills training and business support, as well as in the cultural sphere.  Their findings will help the Combined Authority to develop creative solutions and were showcased at an event in late 2021.

The other organisations are Writing on the Wall, BlackFest, CapoeiraforallMake CIC and Arab Arts Festival.

Read on for more about the projects:

Hilan Gully’s project ‘Voices‘ explored and provoked conversations on the voices of the Arab and Middle Eastern community in activism, specifically focusing on the current climate crisis.

Hilan produced a fantastic hard hitting film about what she heard the voices of the Arab and Middle Eastern community say about the climate crisis.

Tegan Tukana’s project ‘Through Her Eyes‘ worked with young female BAME creatives to explore their experiences in the arts and cultural industries in Halton and beyond. The project commissioned three women of colour creatives to respond to Tegan’s research.