Postcode Neighbourhood Trust Project

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust Project

We’re delighted to have received support from Postcode Neighbourhood Trust for this academic year. The grant will enable us to work with 100 young people, 20 teachers and 20 local experts via our Model COP conference work.

Over recent years, we have developed our youth COP model, delivering 17 conferences via 57 local schools (supported by Erasmus+ & Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority). Demand is high. The issues are high on local, national and internatA pair of logos. Text reads: supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery; Awarded funds from Postcode Neighbourhood Trust.ional agendas, and can be mapped against UN Sustainable Development Goals. This work fills a gap, outside statutory provision, but using schools as a path to reach young people from the widest backgrounds.

Our participants will work together, upskill, and learn from each other to explore the complex issues of consumption, production, climate change and environmental sustainability from local to global perspectives. This will happen through 2 COP-style conferences (1 with primary schools and 1 with secondary pupils). The events will include opportunities to engage with local experts (environmental activities, policy makers, community organisations, business leaders and others), and to collaborate across Merseyside communities.

These conferences are sitting alongside our new termly twilight series which will share some of our activities and themes with teachers in advance of the COP conferences. The first one looked at the Diamond Nine in the context of Zero Waste and took place in early December. We had a great session with educators from across the region and beyond, including teacher training professionals, local teachers and educators working in the third sector. Sign up to our newsletter to find out about our spring term twilight!

Take a look at the opportunities being offered as part of this project below and be inspired to make a change! Global learning – global change!

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  • Re-thinking Recycling: The Journey to Zero Waste
    6th Dec 2023

    First in our new, free, termly 'Twilight Series', join us in exploring the Diamond Nine in the context of zero waste