Schools of Tommorow (SOT)

Schools of Tommorow (SOT)


The aim in the School of Tomorrow project – SOT- is collecting ideas and methods to create an inclusive school. A school where all kind of students, regardless of background, physical and/or psychological difficulties, social groups or similar, will be able to reach their educational goals. We need to equip our learners with skills and competences such as creative thinking, inquiry based learning, critical thinking and independent learning. These are all skills and competences that form part of the portfolio of topics and approaches shared within the SOT project, where different experts in the field of education have come together to create a toolbox of various approaches aimed at making learning more.



Toolbox for an inclusive school – Collection of methods and best practices for teachers and educators (written by the SOT partners) – download toolbox here



Anthropolis (HUN; coordinator) – SOT projekt összefoglaló
I.C. Carini Calderone – Torretta (ITA) – Cosa è il progetto SOT
Let Me Learn Centre, University of Malta (MT)
Liverpool World Centre (UK) – About SOT
Navet Science Centre (SWE) – About SOT in Swedish
Platon M.E.P.E. (GR) – SOT on Planon’s website