In the background a child pours water over his head from an Oxfam hand pump. In the foreground the words Teach Climate Justice Liverpool World Centre 2022-23

Teach Climate Justice

Teach Climate Justice

We are in our second year as the key delivery partner for the new Teach Climate Justice course developed by Oxfam. This year, we are rolling our work out to community organisations and anyone else who is interested in thinking through the human element of climate change and how it pertains to their work.

In the pilot year, this work has seen us engage four of our partners from the Consortium of Development Education Centres (now The Global Learning Network) to help us test the resources nationally, leading to those resources being further developed by LWC’s formal education lead Jacquie Ayre.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can connect Climate Justice to your work, please write to Jacquie (


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