In the background a child pours water over his head from an Oxfam hand pump. In the foreground the words Teach Climate Justice Liverpool World Centre 2022-23

Teach Climate Justice

A header that reads Teaching Climate Justice, Exploring the human impact of climate change in the classroom. Then, a photograph of young people at a protesdt holding a banner that reads: Kids Want Climate Justice. Below, text in a number of colourful speech bubbles: This course is funded by Oxfam GB and is FREE to England based ITE providers... Find out more and register your interest HERE When? Spring/Summer 24. At the bottom, logos of LWC, Oxfam and the EU. Text that reads: This project is funded by the European UnionText reads: Teach Climate Justice The course outcomes are delivered through three sessions -Climate Justice & Education, Climate Justice & Intersectionality and Climate Justice in the Classroom. Course Outcomes: •Increased knowledge and understanding of education about and for climate justice •Increased awareness of and confidence to explore intersectionality and its relevance to the climate emergency •Increased skills to promote critical thinking, debate and discussion on complex and controversial issues •Increased confidence and motivation to plan lessons and include opportunities for young people to feel empowered to act and be heard in support of climate justice. Followed by these quotes in colorful speech bubbles: "This course has provided me with greater knowledge of what I can do as an educator to inform younger generations about climate issues, how they are impacted, and what they can do to make a difference." "greater awareness about climate issues and in particular the injustices imposed by climate change. I have also been able to develop appropriate teaching resources to use throughout my career." "Excited and powerful, we have the power to make change and influence children for the better!" At the bottom, logos of LWC, Oxfam and the EU. Text that reads: This project is funded by the European Union


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