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Celebrating Re-Think

Liverpool World Centre and Faiths4change are working on a project supported by the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority Community Fund to inspire young people across the Liverpool City Region to change attitudes and behaviours around consumption and waste. The project is tackling three big issues: food waste, textile waste and mobile phone waste. We are now eagerly anticipating the next part of the project: a collaboration day where the young people can share, develop, and refine their action plans and learn from each other. Making a difference to the larger community is embedded in the project and this event also supports this goal. It is yet another way in which the young people will share their work with a wider group to impact societal thinking on waste and the Net Zero objective.

The project has engaged young people in hands-on workshops where they use innovative tools to explore their own waste patterns and how to change them. They are gaining skills and confidence to launch action and awareness campaigns where they aim to make a difference in their local communities and beyond, reaching policy makers and local business.

Re-Think has also supported teachers and youth leaders to boost their own confidence in promoting practical projects with their young people. The workshops focused on how to offer relevant support and empower young people to understand local community problems, have a voice in the climate emergency debate, and influence community behaviour change.

We have also shared this project with university students on teacher training courses in the region as an example of how work in school can help shape new attitudes and behaviours around waste. A key focus has been using tools that help measure the impact of this work so we can understand the value of projects such as Re-Think.

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