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NEW FOR NOVEMBER:  We are pleased to announce the start of our Erasmus+ with 5 European partners.  From the 1st November 2017 partners in 4 countries will be looking at how educators engage with extremism.  Take a look at this case study from our partners in Sweden challenging right wing extremism.


With Liverpool Hope University, we are looking for teachers and schools using character education.  It doesn’t matter at what level you have been involved – we would like to hear and learn from your experiences.  Please contact the office

May Newsletter If you were wondering what we are up to in the near future then take a look at our newsletter for this month!

brisith valuesBritish Values has been the focus of our work in May 2017.  Our associate Alison Clark and staff member Andrea Bullivant, worked with Liverpool Hope University to publish initial findings on research into teaching. We will be preparing a more extensive report in the coming months.

You can read the summary British Values research 2016

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In June 2016 Liverpool World Centre worked with Ashley Special School to prepare case studies for the Global Learning Programme.

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