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Resources for Teachers

Here are a few organisations whom we work with and which provide support and assistance for teachers and educators interested in global learning:

The Global Learning Programme (GLP)

The GLP seeks to create a network schools and teachers, committed to equipping their pupils to succeed in a globalised world by helping their teachers to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Through the programme, educators are able to facilitate their pupils learning towards the challenges our world faces and to think critically about how to deal with issues such as poverty, inequality and sustainability. Pupils are helped to understand their role within a global society and how their actions can have a difference the world over.

Schools participating in global learning recognise the impact that knowledge and understanding of global learning can bring to pupils’ learning across the curriculum. It supports the long term development and success of pupils, by enhancing their critical thinking skills and boosting their relationships with peers. Schools which promote global learning in their lessons lend themselves to an ethos of tolerance, fairness and respect.

Schools registered with the programme have access to global learning resources and e-credit funding for professional development, including a range of CPD courses. For access to their resources click here.

Oxfam Education

Oxfam Education offers a huge range of ideas, resources and support for developing global learning in the classroom and the whole school. All of the resources here support Education for Global Citizenship – education that helps pupils understand their world and make a positive difference in it. For access to their resources click here and for global citizenship guides click here.

CAFOD Education

Inspired by Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching, and the experiences and hopes of people living in poverty, CAFOD works for a safe, sustainable and peaceful world. Their education department offers an array of resources for schools, teachers and young people to learn about their place in the world. For access to their resources click here.